Game of Thrones - Doors made in Zbrush

The Game of Thrones Doors

These are from a series of intricately carved doors for Game of Thrones Season 6,
Northern Ireland's Game of Thrones Territory Campaign.
Overall I made 6 out of 10 doors. 1 door for each episode.
The final door was revealed at an event in Belfast premiering the last episode of Series 6. It was astonishing to be part of something so amazing!

The event held in Belfast/Ireland was for people that contributed to Game of Thrones Series 6 across all disciplines.
I met some great people ranging from actors, designers, other artists, producers to camera crew etc.. and for me one of the most rewarding parts was to actually finally see one of the doors that I made in person! 

Congrats to everyone for making Game of Thrones so awesome!!



Created in:

The Game of Thrones Doors were born from the Dark Hedges after they were destroyed in a storm.

Each Door was sculpted in Zbrush and the design was finally carved via CNC machine.


Me standing next to Door #10